Moon Phase iPhone


Deluxe Moon

Are there connections between Moon phases and plants, emotions or health? Discover new amazing relationships!

For iPhone
For iPad
For Android
For WP7

Fishing Deluxe

Plan your fishing trips with high probability of fishing success.

Geo World Deluxe

Learn countries and US states with fun! Enjoy 7 games in one app and explore new places using Google Streev View.


Hunting Aid

Plan your hunting trips with high probablity of success.

Moon Gardening

Learn how Moon phases can help you grow plants faster.

Fishing Deluxe+

Find out best fishing times and keep track of all your catches and great fishing spots.

Alarm Clock Gadget+

A large custom clock gadget with a lot of features and colorful skins.

Deluxe Moon HD

Are there connections between the moon and plants, human emotions or health? Discover new amazing relationships with Deluxe Moon application!

Interactive 3D Galaxy

Enjoy a customiziable interactive 3D galaxy on your Mac desktop.

Countdown Timer

A powerful and flexible countdown timer for Mac with a lot of themes.

Countdown Timer

Customizable and beautiful iPot countdown timer for your Mac.


A little funny ladybird that lives on your Mac desktop.

Galaxy Pro Live Wallpaper

Calendar, clock and iCal task list with interactive galaxies in background.

Planets - Live Wallpaper

Solar system for your Mac desktop.

Liquid Desktop - Live wallpaper

Liquid Desktop Live Wallpaper creates a beautiful water ripple effect.

Deluxe Words

A fun and effective learning approach to mastering tough English vocabulary for GRE, SAT and ACT.

Fairy Lights - Live wallpapers

Enjoy flying lights reflected in the water on your desktop.

Alarm Clock for Desktop

Alarm Clock for Desktop is a large clock application with a lot of features.


Duck Hunting

This app will help you plan your trips and predict specific days and times for best hunting success.

Winter Fishing

Winter Fishing helps you find the best fishing times for your winter fishing activities.


T-Timer is an easy-to-use application that helps you spend less time doing your daily tasks efficiently.


Image Resizer Deluxe

Image Resizer Deluxe is an easy and powerful tool to quickly resize and rename large numbers of photos to reduce their size, and make them ready to be sent over email or posted on the web.

Network Connection Monitor

Network Connection Monitor is a tool for network adapter status monitoring.

Image Viewer Deluxe

Image Viewer Deluxe shows images from a folder.

Tides Deluxe

Tides Deluxe -- the best tide prediction application.

Chart Calendar

Place charts, pictures, notes and numbers on a calendar.

Street View Video

Create amazing street view video from Google Street View. Google asked to remove the app from AppStore.


Track Kit Pro

Record and share your GPS tracks at The most powerful GPS tracker for iPhone and iPad you have ever seen.

For iOS
For Android


Rangefinder: ultimate distance and angle measurement tool with augmented reality, compass and theodolite.

Offline maps

The most complete alternative offline maps package in AppStore.


Moon Brightness Table

Moon Brightness app - a great tool for night photographers, astronomers, movie makers and night hunters.

Moon Days

The app contains lunar calendar and description for all moon days with characteristics and recommendations.

Raise and Set Times

Moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset times and compass


Solar and Lunar Eclipses

The best solar and lunar eclipse calendar in the app store!

Moon Phases Deluxe

The best moon phase application in the app store!

Map Tools

With this app you can measure routes, property areas, distance to objects, angles between buildings on th map


Geo World Cities France

City Places Quiz Using Street View. Part 1.

Geo World Cities Italy

City Places Quiz Using Street View. Part 2.

Geo World Cities Ukraine

City Places Quiz Using Street View. Part 3.


Barometer Deluxe

Barometer Deluxe tells you the exact outside pressure based on your current location.

Thermometer Deluxe

Thermometer Deluxe tells you the exact outside temperature based on your current location.

Cloud Player Deluxe

The most advanced player for playing your favorite sets, songs, lectures and audiobooks from a cloud.


Tax Calculator

Just enter some basic info and watch your tax refund add up.

Loan Calculator

Calculate your loan numbers.

Savings Calculator

Become a Millionaire.





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