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Deluxe Moon Classic - Frequently Asked Questions
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General Questions
How can I buy Deluxe Moon?
It is available from Marketplace. Please visit Deluxe Moon page: Deluxe Moon on Marketplace
Do you charge for new versions or updates?
All updates are distributed to your Android device completely free of charge.
Do I have to pay every month for this app or there is just one time charge?
There is only one time fee for the application. All future updates of the application are always free of charge.
Do you have versions for iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile?
Yes, please visit our main page
I would like to get news about Deluxe Moon and new releases.
Follow us on twitter:
I would like to suggest a new feature.
Please contact our support department. We appreciate your feedback.
Application Interface Questions
How can I select my location?
Deluxe Moon determines your location either by the GPS, cell tower positioning or you can enter your country manually. If you do not have a built-in GPS, simply tap on Options, then choose Set position manually and select your country.
How can I use a built-in GPS on my phone to determine the location?
Tap on Options and enable GPS positioning. After a few minutes the GPS will acquire satellites and determine your location. You can check your coordinates by tapping Options and then - Locator.
How can I change the date for which the moon parameters are calculated?
You can either tap on the large left and right arrows on the top of the screen, or tap on any individual week day.
How does Deluxe Moon calculate phases when GPS and cell positioning are off?
In order to calculate moon phases, Deluxe Moon needs your current time zone offset. If you do not use GPS or cell positioning, you can select your location by country or by coordinates manually.
Does changing the country affect the moon phase calculation?
If you change the country, you should be able to see your approximate location in the main screen. This does not affect the moon phase calculation.
How can I manually change the time zone for moon phase calculation?
If you want to change the time zone manually, you could change it in the system settings.
How does Deluxe Moon determine my location?
Deluxe Moon determines your location either by the GPS, cell tower positioning or you can enter your country manually. The GPS can find your current location very accurately if you are outdoors. Cell tower positioning usually have much less accuracy.
I enabled GPS and nothing happened. The locator page shows zero coordinates.
After you enabled GPS, you do not have to do anything else. It could take a few minutes for the hardware GPS chip to get a position fix. We suggest to wait and check back on the coordinates after some time.
I enabled GPS option and waited for 10 minutes, but coordinates are still zeros.
Make sure your device has an internal built-in GPS. Currently Deluxe Moon works only with internal GPS receivers.
What does the value in percent shows on the left part of the screen?
This value shows the percent of the illuminated fraction of the moon. You can learn about it here:
What kind of Zodiac signs is shown on the right?
Deluxe Moon can show either Sideral or Tropial Zodiac signs depending on your settings. Sideral one differs from Tropical ones that is used in western astrology. You can learn about it here:
I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Does Deluxe Moon take it into account?
Deluxe Moon takes into account your location to calculate moon parameters. However, the visualization of the moon phases is always shown as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. For more information:
Moon Questions
Where can I find a description of all moon phases and their name?
You can find this information here:
What is moon age?
It is the time between two full moons or between successive occurrences of the same phase. It ranges on average from 0 to about 29.53 days (29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes). You can learn about it here:
What is GMT?
You can learn about it here:
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