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Go to 'Market' app on your Android device. Type 'deluxe moon', search and install it.

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Deluxe Moon - Reviews
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Review from feed android

...Apparently this is the most beautiful app I’ve ever seen... this application is SO amazing, I couldn’t resist and looked through everything there just because it was so gorgeous. When something is done with such grace and passion, and skill in art or design, you really are stunned on the spot.

review from droidbros

...I approve of Deluxe Moon. Lifeware Solutions have made a quality application here, presenting it in a tight, solid package free of bugs. It looks good, a seemingly rare quality among Android apps.

review from android-apps

...I haven’t encountered such an Android app as beautiful and as functional as Deluxe Moon Android app. ...I would have to say that the developer of this app is definitely a moon lover. Deluxe Moon Android app is one of the best-looking and useful moon phase apps for Android, so far.

review from bestandroidappsreview

...Extremely sophisticated UI and graphics, extensive astrology/zodiac sign details and information, great resource for astronomers and astrologers alike.

review from absolutelyandroid

...I can certainly see how someone deeply immersed in astrology or astronomy might find the full version extremely attractive... I would definitely like to recommend that you give this app a try.

review from androidcentral

...You will enjoy moon phases with all kind of bells and whistles... Packed with features and great graphics, it is a good fusion of technology and style.

review from theandroidphone

...We at the Android Phone approve of Deluxe Moon. Lifeware Solutions has worked hard, and made a high quality application here. Pretty much everything you could want relating to the Moon and Astrology pertaining to it is presented in a nice, convenient app for you. It also looks good, which makes it a pleasure to use.

Popularity at Deluxe Moon is one of the top paid application in Lifestyle category on Android Market.

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