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Deluxe Moon Standard - Guide
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The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor and the most prominent object in the night sky. Although the Moon is so much smaller than the Sun, it strongly affects everything on the Earth, including many aspects of your life. Not only tides and animals are affected by the Moon phases, but also they influence human emotions, relationships, blood pressure an even finances. If you keep track of the Moon, you will soon discover some amazing relationships.

Deluxe Moon app has a dual purpose: to keep you as informed as possible about the Moon and help you track and discover more about moon relationships.

At First Glance

The main screen is focused on a large graphic of the Moon in its present moon phase based on your location. Your location is automatically determined by the GPS or you can set the location manually.

On the main screen you can also see the current phase of the moon and your current coordinates, while the moon is surrounded by the time, current Zodiac sign, and the percent of illuminated surface. At the bottom, you will find the current age of the moon, the time since the last rising and setting of the moon as well as times when to expect the present night’s moonrise, zenith, and moonset.


The Moon image is interactive: you can drag and turn it to change the date. Swipe along the moon with your finger to go forward or back in time while the moon animates smoothly with a nice shadow. To get a better date precision you can also control the date by tapping the arrows on the upper corners.


Go Solar

On the main screen tap on one of the countdown timers, and instead of moonset and moonrise times you will see sunrise and sunset times as well as their countdown timers.

When Is The Next Moon Phase?

Tap on the arc of little moons on below Moon age on the main screen and you will see a new screen with precise future moon phase dates and times and moon azimuth diagram as well as several Moon parameters. If you tap on the small moon compass on the left, then you will swithc to a large compass with moon azimuth.


Zodiac Circles

If you tap on a Zodiac sign icon on the main screen, you can enjoy animated circles with two types of Zodiacs: tropical, sidereal as well as astronomical constellations. The current Zodiac sign is shown with a ray. It also bears the current moon phase icon.

If the current ecliptic longitude of the Moon is within 3 degrees from the sign borders, the ray on which the moon sits will widen: this situation signifies Void-Of-Course for the Moon.


Under The Hood

Deluxe Moon has options to control different aspects of the location, time, and date settings. You can set the application to determine your location either automatically using the GPS or by country, or by entering your coordinates. The time and timezone can be also set individually to adhere to the system clock, or you can set a custom values manually. You can also define custom settings for the time and GMT offset.

Another option lets you to set the tropical or sidereal Zodiac. Both use the same sign systems, but come from different practices. Western astrology uses the tropical approach, whereas Hindu astrology takes the sidereal one.


What Can You Get?

Now you are more familiar with Deluxe Moon. What will you get if you purchase the application?

- The best moon phase application on the market. You can compare Deluxe Moon with other applications on the market: Moon Phase App Comparison

- Flexibility: the application itself does not require Internet or cell network connection.
- FREE lifetime support
- FREE moon wallpapers

Other Platforms

Deluxe Moon is so popular that we considered creating the application for most major mobile platform. Deluxe Moon is available for:

- Android
- Window Phone 7
- Window Phone 7 Classic Version
- Window Phone 7 Web Demo
- Window Mobile

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