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FISHING DELUXE+ Fishing Times in App Store
Would you like to know when exactly the best fishing times occur, so you will have a greater chance of catching a lot of fish?

Fishing Deluxe application helps you plan your trips by predicting specific days and times with high probability of fishing success for any location.

How does it work? Best fishing times are calculated based on the information about the Moon and the Sun. Discover best fishing times with Fishing Deluxe!

Moon Bullet Best fishing days calendar - no internet connection required
Moon Bullet Add daily notes in the calendar - double tap to add a note
Moon Bullet Day and month view of best fishing days and times
Moon Bullet Swipe the calendar up or down - quickly change the month
Moon Bullet Sun rise/set times - always know when you need a flashlight
Moon Bullet Weather forecast - be well-prepared for any weather condition
Moon Bullet Length of day calendar
Moon Bullet Moon rise/set times
Moon Bullet Major Moon phases
Moon Bullet Automatic positioning by GPS - always know where you are
Moon Bullet Select your location from map - tap on the panel on the top right
Moon Bullet Flexibility - manually set any location, date and UTC offset
Moon Bullet Share your catches via email to friends
Moon Bullet Help for each screen - tap on ? bubble in the menu
Moon Bullet No internet is required - the app works wherever you are
Moon Bullet Retina support for iPhone 5
Moon Bullet Different, unique designs for iPhone and iPad in the same app!
Moon Bullet Visual Data Transfer between iPhone devices, watch a demo.



Display best days for fishing: the longer the bar, the better chance you have this day to catch a lot of fish. Press on the buttons on the top of the calendar and show sunrise and sunset times, day length or moonrise and moonset.



The best times for fishing dursing the day are marked with dark blue sectors and a two fish icon.

Another icon with just one fish and lighter sectors show good times for fishing.



Next to icons with fish, the application display fishing times: two fish icon is for best fishing times, good ones are shown next to an icon with one fish.



Fishing chart shows the probability of fishing success during the day. The higher the value on the chart, the better chances you will have to catch fish during those times.



Check the weather before going on a fishing trip. Select a specific time on a slider below to get more accurate forecast.

You can store weather information and pictures in the catch form: on the map or in "My Fish" list.



You can change the date or return to the current date uings three date buttons.

If you want to go to a specific date, tap on Settings and select a new date.



Tap on the location panel on the top and change your current location using a map.



You can see all your catches and their pictures in a list. Tap on (+) on the top right to add a new catch record.



If you would like to add pictures of your catches or mark you favorite fishing spot, you can go to the "Map" and add a location label.

Add multiple pictures of your catches, note and weather condition to the selected location.


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