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What People Say:

Beautiful graphics! The design style is awesome, the menu is fun to use. This app is a great app to keep track of things.
by Mario Bunn

Superb One of the best apps I got so far. Well put together and worth every penny.
by Phil Masson

Great thing A beautiful app to use with tons of features - definitely great one to have.
by Nick Samplton

Chart Calendar in App Store

Chart Calendar for iPhone/Pad Chart Calendar in App Store


Chart Calendar is an easy-to-use and powerful app that helps you take notes, record numbers and pictures on a calendar. Improve productivity, keep track of your data and stay organized.

Moon Bullet Take pictures and place them on a calendar.
Moon Bullet Create notes and plot your data on the calendar.
Moon Bullet Plot graphs and explore your data.
Moon Bullet Display data in a table and calculate statistics.
Moon Bullet Save your data in a CSV text based format file.
Moon Bullet Sync files to your computer via iTunes.
Moon Bullet Email notes and data file for backup and storage.
Moon Bullet Store the date in iCloud.
Moon Bullet Go offline anytime - no internet required!

Some ways to use the app:
Moon Bullet Keep track and explore your health in pictures and numbers.
Moon Bullet Record your fitness achievements with numbers, plots and photos.
Moon Bullet Manage and record your medication and diet numbers.
Moon Bullet Explore product prices with pictures for comparison shopping.
Moon Bullet Keep track of your finances: how much spent in each category.
Moon Bullet Take meeting and class notes and capture ideas.
Moon Bullet Research smarter: snap photos of whiteboards and diagrams.
Moon Bullet Reduce paper clutter: take snapshots of receipts, menus etc.



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