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1. Buy Deluxe Moon from Marketplace rignt now.

2. Purchase Deluxe Moon on your Windows Phone 7 device: Go to Marketplace, select Apps, type deluxe moon, search and install it.

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Deluxe Moon
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The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor and the most prominent object in the night sky. Although the Moon is so much smaller than the Sun, it strongly affects everything on the Earth, including many aspects of your life. Not only tides and animals are affected by the Moon phases, but also they influence human emotions, relationships, blood pressure an even finances.

Many forms of life on Earth depend on the Moon movement. If you use a moon calendar or your Android phone to keep track of the Moon phases, you will soon discover some amazing relationships.

We would like to offer you Deluxe Moon - an application about the Moon phases. Enjoy moon phases and beautifully animated zodiac circles. Browse moon calendar, get automatic GPS location or set any location, date, time manually. Learn about gardening by the moon, read multiaspect horoscope and moon day descriptions. Look at moon azimuth, moonrise time and learn when next moon phase is. Explore moon phases and unique moon astrology on your Windows Phone 7 device with style.

o Moon calendar with moon phases and zodiac signs.
o Moon compass shows current moon azimuth as well as moonrise and moonset azimuths.
o Phase scan tells you when the next phase will be.
o Automatic positioning by GPS or cellular network.
o Network independence: works anywhere without Internet or cellular connections.
o Flexibility: you can manually set location, time, date and UTC offset.
o Three animated Zodiac circles.
o Sidereal and tropical zodiacs along with astronomical constellations.
o Horoscope with aspects for business, personal life and health.
o Moon day descriptons.
o Void-Of-Course: when the Moon transits from one Zodiac sign to another.
o Gardening by the phases of the moon information for each phase.
o Percent of the illuminated moon area.
o Moonrise and moonset, Zenith and Nadir times for your location.
o Moon Timers: amount of time since moonrise and until moonset.
o Current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.

Feel free to let us know what you think, your feedback is important for us. We hope you really enjoy Deluxe Moon.

If you would like to have a classic Deluxe Moon interface similar to iPhone and Android versions, please visit Deluxe Moon Classic webpage

Moon Phase Resources:

USNO moon phase data. U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department website, a great online tool for information about the moon and moon phases.

NASA Lunar Prospector Mission. Pictorial overview of the events surrounding the first NASA Moon mission in 25 years.

Moon pictures. Amazing lunar images. This NASA page has close-ups of the surface of the moon, distance views, astronauts, moon landings.

Mr. Eclipse. Breathtaking eclipse photos and lots of information about lunar eclipse.

International Occultation Timing Association. A technical, in-depth look at lunar eclipses.

Lunar phases explanation. A good overview of the phases of the moon.

Phases of the moon clip. A short online movie demonstrates how the moon phases work by using large 3-D moon and earth spheres and simulated sunlight.

Moon and the tides This page explains how the moon affects the tides by its phase and its position (perigee, apogee)

Moon Phase and tides How various type of tides are connected to the moon phases.

How moon phases affect animals. Solunar Theory explains how the moon phases influence fishing and hunting.

Moon phases and fishing. How the moon phases affect angling

Moon phases and chicken eggs. Tips on how to set chicken eggs by the Moon sign for better results.

Farming and moon phases. Information on when to plant, wean, build fences and harvest according the moon calendar.

Gardening by the Moon.Tips for better gardening results.

Moon Lore: Weather. How the Moon could predict the weather.

How does the Moon’s Phases Affect You. Could your moods, creativity and personality be affected by the Moon's phases? How do the Moon's Phases influence you?

Can the Full Moon Affect Human Behavior? Some observations about the connection between the moon phases and life on Earth.

Full Moon Ion Effect. How Full Moon affects humans.

Lunar Cycle Effects in Stock Returns. This is a scientific paper about the moon phases and stock returns. Researches found that stock returns in the 15 days around New Moon dates are about double the returns in the 15 days around Full Moon dates.

Are Investors Moonstruck? Lunar phases and stock returns.

Lunar Phases, Investor Mood, and the Stock Market Returns. A research paper about moon phases and stock return based on th data from the Tunisian Stock Exchange.


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