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Track Kit 1x1 Track Kit 1x1
  • Track Kit Main
  • Record your track
  • Waypoints
  • Tracks, labels, waypoints
  • Add labels with different icons
  • Go to Paris!
  • Track stataat on the go
  • Create quick waypoints on the go!
  • Detailed charts
  • Measurements
  • Compass
  • speedometer
Track Kit for iPhone and iPad For iPhone and iPad
Track Kit for Android Track Kit for Android comes this summer!

Track Kit Pro in App Store

Track Kit Pro For iPhone and iPad
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Track Kit Share Your Travel Experience: Routes, Pictures and Street Video

Would you like to explore new places even before you start traveling? Do you want to share travel routes and pictures with your friends? You can easily do it with Track Kit app on your iPhone and iPad! The app is a great help in traveling, hiking, sightseeing, navigation, boating, hunting and finding your way around. Track Kit is not only multifunctional tracker but also a unique free web service for exploring and presenting your travel routes.


Moon Bullet Record your tracks: add waypoints and pictures to keep your traveling logs and prepare new routes to explore.
Moon Bullet Take a picture and create a waypoint on your route with just one click to mark exciting places to visit, secret vistas and running paths.
Moon Bullet Add images and Google street view panoramas to your tracks to illustrate your traveling experience.
Moon Bullet Create amazing presentations about places you traveled to, insert street view videos and even playback your tracks!
Moon Bullet Publish tracks on web site to organize your routes and compare multiple tracks.
Moon Bullet Share your tracks and pictures with friends via Gmail, Facebook or Twitter
Moon Bullet Multipoint distance measurement and radius overlay.
Moon Bullet Speed measurement - use feature rich analog or digital speedometer.
Moon Bullet Advanced compass combined with a map along with sun/moon azimuth, sunrise/sunset/moonrise/moonset azimuth.
Moon Bullet Range finder tool - measure the height and distances to objects using a set of sniper scopes.
Moon Bullet Use 3D augmented reality to show object position and directions to waypoints.
Moon Bullet Track multiple places with their azimuth and distance overlayed on the camera view.
Moon Bullet See fine details of objects using 4x digital zoom

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