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Fishing by moon Phase: Increase your catch chances

It is a desire of every fisherman to catch the fish as many as possible. However, it is very difficult to guess the best timing in order to have a perfect catch. Knowing the fishing result before you go for fishing is difficult but, it is not impossible. If someone is expert in fishing then his extensive experience can help to make a near guess about the fishing catch. I am sharing my own experience so that you can choose the best timing, have fun catching fish and come back fully satisfied.

When I was a beginner in fishing, I used to do it at the times that suited my routine. I didn’t have my desired catch instead of trying different techniques. After all, I got some good fortune and it improved my fishing skills to a great deal. All of these improvements are subjected to the ‘’solunar theory’’ which is also known as fishing my moon phase.

When I studied the solunar theory, it was much difficult for me to adjust my fishing techniques according to it. Determining all the factors related to fishing were a bit confusing for me but it increased my quest and curiosity to keep trying it until I get the whole idea of fishing by the moon phase.

I started to keep a record of all my fishing days so that I can check the effect of moon on my fishing results. I compiled a record for 18 months and included my fishing results, weather conditions, and water related changes in it date by date to infer an result from it. I was amazed after 18 months to see the fact that moon fishing caused much improvement in my fishing result and the number of my catches was way increased as compared to previous results. After practice, I got an understanding of solunar theory and it was now much easy for me to practice on it.

Working of solunar theory:

Most of the fishermen are aware of the fact that the best time for fishing is when fish are feeding. This usually occurs at the dawn and dusk times. Most of us don’t notice another fish feeding time that is during moonrise and moonset. As the sun affects the feeding, same is the case with moon. Since moon has effects on the feeding factors such as presence of live fodder on which the fish feed, it becomes very important. The water movements are affected and thereby affect the feeding conditions.

If there are fish in the area you are trying your luck to have a big catch, coinciding the times of moonrise or moonset with the new or full moon phases can increase the probability of fishing to great extent. This theory will work only when fish are there in your fishing area. Moon changes will trigger feeding and chances for big catches are increased.

Select the best fishing time:

The basic key to determine the best time before going for fishing is dependant of knowing the time when moon and sun will set and rise. It is not that difficult to comprehend. Just grab the timings of setting and rising the moon and sun and plan fishing according to it. There is about 90 minute’s gap around these four changes when fish are most active and feeding. Hence, trying 45 minutes before and after these four daily events is best timing to fish.

Since moon has got more effects on fish feeding and water changes, you should go for moon if you need to choose between moonset/moonrise and sunset/sunrise. If you keep all these time related factors in mind before you go for fishing, your chances of grabbing the best time and best catch are become maximum.

The moonset and moonrise is not as obvious as sunset and sunrise and weather conditions can also mask the moon timings. Another problem in this regard is the low amount of light while you are observing the fish movements and other activity factors.

Other considerations for having best catch:

Below are some factors that should also be kept in mind while you plan to go for fishing:

Season: Most fish tend to have increased biting during some seasonal transitions and best transitions are from summer to autumn and from winter to spring.

Weather conditions: Weather has also got some influences on feeding of fish. The fish usually feed at the time when a storm has just gone away so it’s a time to utilize. While during the cold, fish tend to go into deeper water to avoid cold and chances for catching are reduced.

In the end, if you utilize the above mentioned information while you are standing at the water edge and waiting to have a big catch, you can get the desired results. Its easy to practice with promising results.

Good luck for our catch.

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