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Void of Course Moon


‘The time period from the last major contact of the moon with some planet in current sign to the time when it enters the next sign is called as void of course moon.’ It is usually abbreviated as VOC.

The aspect of the moon with some planet induces a pattern of events that have influence on the lives. When moon has finished its contact with a planet, the influence on that planet finishes and new event will take place only when moon influences a new planet.

Events depend on moon aspects

It is an old saying regarding moon studies that; ‘no aspects, no events’. According to traditional astrology rules, moon can have only some significance until it makes some aspect with that planet and once the aspect is finished, the impact automatically ends too. The upcoming events can be determined by deeply studying the aspect of moon with a planet, house of moon, house of planet and the position set by the sign. If there are no more aspects after one aspect has ended, there are no more events to expect from influence of moon.

Benefits of void of course moon (VOC)

The benefits of the void of course moon period can be enjoyed by all of us. This period usually indicates the time to relax you. Take a break from busy routine work and feel the freedom of your life. This period is for relaxing, listening to some good music, catching up with family, hanging out with friends, reading some light and enjoyable literature and the work that entertains you without requiring much focus.

Psychological influences of VOC:

The voc period usually disrupts the focus that is required for technical works. It has the properties of inconsistency, floating in space somewhere among he hoard of asteroids and rings of Saturn. This is not a good time for some profoundly focusing work but this is a great time for spiritual people to concentrate on their spirituality and get the answers to unanswered questions. This time endorses the spiritual element in the body.

Things to avoid during this time:

These periods are very unfavorable for the tasks that are expected to give some good outcome. So don’t try some very big project during these days. Sending your job CV, doing some important fax, applying for a contest, getting married, seeking proposals, requiring favours, starting some business, opening some shop and buying precious and costly things is not recommended during his time. There is simple rule to avoid the important matters during this period to avoid the unpleasant results that may turn out to be only loss. This is usually a not happening period, suitable for the things you want to be happened like if you suspect a quarrel on visiting someone, do it during this time as it is assumed that it will not happen. In short, don’t make serious efforts to have great benefits during void of course moon.

Technical Details of VOC:

These periods occur each 2 days and a half, which is that the average time of the Moon's passing through a symbol. They last sometimes a handful of hours, the vary being from a couple of minutes to even the complete 2 days and a half amount, once the Moon makes no major aspects to different planets from its current pseudoscience sign.

The void of course Moon amount is merely interrupted by Moon's aspects to the a part of Fortune (Pars Fortunae), a virtual purpose calculated by the formula Ascendant+Moon-Sun throughout the day (from sunrise to sunset) and Ascendant+Sun-Moon throughout the night (from sunset to sunrise). These transitory aspects last sometimes a couple of tens of minutes and are "astrologer's honor saviors", as they permit choosing an honest moment for a consumer to perform associate action, throughout an otherwise negative amount for action. Of course, this is applicable to the positive aspects of the Moon to the part of Fortune (conjunction, sextile and trine).

William Lilly, a most acknowledged medieval predictor, aforesaid that once the Moon is void of course in Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer, it "performs somehow", that's once the Moon presently occupies a symbol wherever a beneficent planet (Venus or Jupiter) is exalted or ruler, it will cause a positive outcome in chosen cases.

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