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Deluxe Moon - Localization Instructions
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Beginning from the release 1.22 Deluxe Moon is fully localizable. All required information for localization is stored DeluxeMoonLng.xml file.

To add a new language, simply edit the file with Notepad or any other editor program and translate strings marked with tags value. For example, an English version could have a string:

<add key="ExitButton" value="Exit"/>

A Spanish equivalent could look like this:

<add key="ExitButton" value="Salida"/>

If you would like, you can put your contact information in the language description strings author, web and contact, for example:

<language shortcut="Default" name ="Spanish" localName="Spanish"
author="Roberto Miguel Sanchez" contact=""

After you are done editing the file, copy it into Deluxe Moon folder on your device.

Feel free to share your localization file with us. We can include your translation in the next release. Your contact information will be preserved and displayed on About page.

Note. Please do not change language string shortcut . It has to be set to Default. Deluxe Moon v1.22 accepts only language descriptions marked as Default.

Note. Be very careful with string length: words must be as short as possible to fit on the page without affecting other graphic elements. If your device has a high resolution screen, we recommend testing your localization file using Deluxe Moon for Windows.

Please download localization files:

English: DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Bulgarian (by Ivaylo R. Tsalta): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Catalan (by f4Lk0n): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Dutch (by Kenneth Geets): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Dutch (by RichieStyle): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Chinese Simplified ( by SCAT ): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Chinese Traditional ( by SCAT ): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Chinese Traditional (by twsphere):DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Czech (by Dr.CRYO): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Greek ( by ): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

French (by Nam): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

German (by *Driver*): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

German (by Turion): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

German (by Peter Bonge): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Hungarian (by Nemes Balazs): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Italian (by Diego): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Japanese (by Robert Brenner): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Persian [Farsi] (by Sammy) : DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Polish (by Piotr Bartkowiak): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Portuguese (by L.Sousa): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Romanian (by Andrei Birsan): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Russian (by Lunokhod): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Slovak (by Jozef 5.): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

Spanish (by f4Lk0n): DeluxeMoonLng.xml.

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